Energize your Day – Red Cabbage Apple Salad

Shifting mood and energies by experimenting with color and new combinations…

Whether it was the solar storms last week, or the emotional ups and downs all around… I was feeling tired and low.  Skipping a meal would leave me more drained.  What I wanted was a quick, energizing meal, with the priority being least effort.  What better than a salad for such situations? I found half a red cabbage.  It reminded me of reading somewhere that restaurants use red to stimulate appetite.  So now I looked around for all the red ingredients that I could find.  By the time I found the bright red pepper and a shiny apple, my mood had shifted.  Curiosity had replaced the lethargy. What else could I add here?  Walnuts with their mood lifting omega-3 seemed a great addition.  Sweetness would be most welcome in the moment.  Raisins and Honey could do that. A little mustard oil and mayonnaise dressing and I was good to go.  The bold, predominantly red ingredients before me looked like they needed to be cooled down. Vibrant, green iceberg would balance it all nicely!

Just then, an unexpected visitor came in with a sad, exhausted air.  I invited her to sample the salad.  When she looked at it, she brightened up visibly, exclaiming how impressive it looked (to her)!  One bite and she was smiling in delight.   The salad had done the trick.  Not only did it energize her, it raised my spirits as well!

Mission accomplished 🙂


1/2 head Red Cabbage,  thinly sliced

Equal amount of Iceberg Lettuce, shredded

1 Red Apple thinly sliced

1 Red Bell Pepper thinly sliced

Handful of Walnuts

Handful of Raisins

2 spoons Honey



Mustard Oil Dressing

(last 3 as per taste)

Toss it up and serve!


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