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How this blog came about…

Cooking is probably one of the most dreaded and celebrated activities there is.  Depending on whether you view it as a necessary chore, or an artistic exploration, your relationship with cooking determines the quality of the fruits of your labor

As a young child, I remember hearing a senior marketing expert speaking about the experience of a meal.  He said, “Why does the simple home cooked dal-chawal (Lentils and Rice) taste so heavenly?  No five star hotel meal can give you the same satiation.  The reason is that we don’t taste with only our taste buds.  The entire ambiance of a safe and secure home, the aromas from a familiar kitchen, the loving energies of your mother or sister who prepared the meal – all of this forms an integral part of that meal.  Its a personal, intimate experience that is cherished.”

I never forgot that conversation for some reason.  I could relate it to my own life.  My mother loved collecting recipes more than cooking.  So she tended to specialize in one dish meals that were rarely traditional and often experimental amalgamations of things on hand. Despite all the recipes, there was little emphasis on the measures or on specific ingredients.  However, there was almost always a song.  She was a classical singer and would sing while cooking.  Her recipes were routinely written in the same books as her musical notes and compositions.  And that is how I probably learned that you infuse the food you prepare with your own song.

She also repeatedly told us that a ‘Family that eats together, stays together.’ So no books at the table, no watching television.  And as far as possible, everyone would eat together.  Undoubtedly, this age old wisdom is useful.  Conversations and laughter were not uncommon and I am sure that many of those meals are responsible not only for the family anecdotes, but also the close bonds within my family.

But my relationship with food was not always easy.  Severe health challenges in the immediate family often put me in situations where I had to learn about nutrition and healing aspects of foods and energies in great detail.  As any caregiver will tell you, diet plays a key role in the patient’s health.  So preparing suitable meals and presenting them well is extremely important.  It can also be tiring and challenging to manage the balance between the person’s tastes and what is appropriate.  Also, after my mother’s sudden demise, there were often times when I would be alone and eating became a punishing affair.  I would skip meals as cooking for myself did not appeal to me.

Many years have now passed and after having deepened my own journey in health, healing and inner work, I found my interest in cooking returning.  Gradually, I have been drawn back to the creative satisfaction of mixing colors, tastes and textures and presenting it in an attractive format.  Something I would do with great joy for my close friends and family many years back.  One fine day, I prepared an exotic omelette, salad and poured a matching glass of wine and sat down to soak in the goodness of the experience.

I had rediscovered the heavenly satiation of a beautiful creation executed with loving attention to detail.

And that is when it struck me.  All the popular teaching today tells us, “Love yourself, accept yourself”.  All easier said than done for most.  But what if you could use such activities to reconnect with yourself? Isn’t this a powerful road to acknowledging yourself and celebrating your existence?  I think it is.

So that is how this blog has come about.

I invite you to join me in exploring the subtler aspects of cooking.  There will be little emphasis on measures and technical details.  Far more expert advisers are available on the net and television.  I intend to discuss the stories, the energies, the emotional connect around the kitchen table.  I hope to open up different perspectives and help you discover your own insights… and find your way back Home… to your true self.

Please do join the Pot Luck with your own contributions in the same vein!

13 responses to “Home Cooking

  1. pooja bhimra

    Wish you all the best for this impeccable work you ventured into…soaked with love,pure energy,flavors…& light to touch the tastes of so many people…waiting to explore!! Much luv,light & warmth! Always at your service:))

    • Thanks Pooja! Your words are so encouraging! Please do contribute to the Pot Luck on the FB page! You and Rajen have hosted some of the heartiest meals I have ever had, brimming with love and generosity. I know you have some wonderful stories and recipes to share. Looking forward to them…
      much love and hugs!

  2. I would always wonder at the pictures you would put up on Facebook of those delightful looking salads…cooking a dish is something I “get” or just don’t. And a couple of days back I looked at a very beautiful purple (or is it red?) cabbage and there was a thought…”maybe I can message Sangeeta and ask her what to make of it”. And here comes your blog! 🙂 As hearty as the smell of tuur daal fresh done…Thank you for this…Love & delight

    • Thanks Deepti 🙂 Love the synchronicity! Do try the recipe and share your feedback 🙂

      I hope you will share your own creations on the FB page as well… you have such a lovely way with words that I am sure you will be able to capture the emotions and insights around cooking beautifully!

      love and light

  3. Awesome! Synchronous.. I have been thinking for a while to experiment with cooking!!!.. dont know when it will materialise.. but it will one day soon..there is something very sensual and heart evoking about it… one of my psychiatrist friends had recommended I cook.. or do gardening.. or singing.. to balance the yin and yang in me..
    So look forward to this.. and we must catch up, Sangeeeeeta.. its been ages! If not Sat/Sun.. Mon/Tues.. I will call/ sms..

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  5. Neha

    For me cooking is a stress buster. Usually on fridays or sometimes other weekdays I cook something new and while doing so I completely forget the rest of the world. Playing old songs and cooking is my favorite thing to do. So I can relate to this blog.
    Also you are aware my mother’s passion for cooking and I have inherited the same and I am glad. Next step for me is to learn to bake cakes and your blog adds to my inspiration to do so. Loved your description!!

    • Thank you Neha 🙂 Glad that you can relate to this blog and happy to see your comment here. There is so much that we inherit from our parents and it really is no surprise to learn that you share your mom’s passion for cooking – she being so incredibly talented in that domain! Looking forward to tasting your cakes and seeing more of your visits here 🙂

      much love,


  6. Hi Sangeeta, I nominated your blog for a Best Moments Award. This badge is for those who beautifully capture the essence of this moment of life, and both your blogs are definitely worthy of this award! Here are the details: http://wp.me/p2x7VR-p9

    • Thank you so much Aalif, I really appreciate your consistent support and encouragement. If I were to participate in these awards, undoubtedly, your blog would top my list.

      Much love and thanks

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