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Guest Post: ‘Food is my friend’ by Amanda Owen

I recently came across a wonderful blog, ‘The Power of Receiving‘, by Amanda Owen. This particular post, ‘Food is My Friend:6 tips for Mindful Eating’, is in complete resonance with my Serene Expression intent. So I am reposting it here with Amanda’s kind permission.

Amanda Owen's Blog

Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha

Thank you for this food we are about to eat.

Many of us grew up with families who began each meal with a blessing. These prayers followed people from generation to generation like an affectionate family member showing up when everyone sat down at the dinner table.

These days, this honoring ritual is largely absent as we pick up food in a bag at a drive-through window, eat from cartons taken directly from the refrigerator without bothering to put the food on a plate or sit down, and spend meal times separated from family members.

When did our connection to the food we eat become so distant and problematic? Many people have a love/hate relationship with food; they disparage particular foods even when they crave them. They say, “I want you—go away!” Doesn’t…

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