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Musings on eating habits and weight loss

Our eating patterns can be used as clear pointers to discovering our subconscious, unresolved emotional issues. Tamara shares some useful questions here and as suggested by her, you can use EFT to clear whatever shows up. For an in depth understanding of EFT, please see my book – “Emotional Freedom Techniques” (available at stores, and Amazon, , etc. )

Tamara Donn

Recently I realised that over the past few years my weight has been gradually creeping up but it wasn’t until my husband and daughter had a giggle about the rolls of fat on my stomach that I decided to take the matter in hand!

As those of you who know me I am a bit of an imperfect health freak, with my main loves being green smoothies and juices and raw chocolate but will also indulge in any yummy food going!  So I surprised myself by deciding to join Weight Watchers and it has been such an eye opener.  Having to count the number of points I am allowed each day I began to notice my negative habits such as: picking at food while I am cooking; serving myself a large portion and when I have finished, serving myself another portion even if I am full, just because I like…

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A different take on fasting…
“When we do a mental and emotional fast – we begin to clear ourselves of the debris that’s been building up and in many cases, obstructing us from moving forward. We get emotionally sluggish – and need to throw open the windows and doors to let the fresh air and new energy in.”

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