Pot Luck

An invitation to share your Home Cooking 

Now that you know How this blog came aboutare you reminded of your own favorite dish and what makes it so special for you?

Would you like to share your personal insights, emotions or anecdotes around any particular meal you have prepared?

Your story may touch someone else’s life in inexplicable ways, providing nourishment for the body and soul.

So I encourage you to come forward with your heart felt experience.  Please post your story in less than 300 words, along with the recipe and a photograph of your own preparation at the FB Serene Expression Community Page.  Alternatively, you can mail me the same with your full name, email and website details at sereneexpression@gmail.com with permission to re-post on your behalf.

Do remember that this forum is not focused on the recipe as much as the meaning around it.  So please do not share the recipe alone!  

Select posts will be added as guest entries at this blog.

Thank you for bringing more to the table!

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